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Drink Beer, Make The World A Better Place.

by Josh J |   27 Feb. 2017

Drink Beer, Make The World A Better Place.

Imagine this: a homebrewer gives you a beer, a free beer at that. Nothing is asked for in return, because hey, the brewer loves sharing their passion with you. Sounds pretty good, right? It gets better! Now imagine you are able to repay this gesture by doing a good deed for another. This is exactly the experience that Good Company Brewing is hoping to achieve with the launch of our “Pay it Forward” campaign. It’s just one way we are fulfilling our mission of "fostering moments of connection and goodwill amongst families & communities."

You all know that we love sharing our beer, now you can pay it forward through our website by donating a few dollars here and there to one of our supported charities. Here’s how it works:

  • A homebrewer gives you a beer, a free beer.
  • You drink that beer. You are happy.
  • You go to and decide to donate a few bucks to a charity.
  • We take care of all the financial transactions, and get the donation to the charity
  • The charity uses their donations to make the world a better place

Seriously, you drink free beer and get to make the world a better place! (oh and not to mention you also get a tax write-off for drinking beer, pretty cool huh?)

Our resident homebrewer, Josh, is launching this campaign with the most recent batch of his American Porter (which was just submitted to the National Homebrew Competition). Check out the beer here, and make sure to hunt down a bottle to kick-off our Pay it Forward Campaign!

Update: Josh's Porter won third place at the Milwaukee Regionals of the National Homebrew Competition

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