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Brew for Good

by Josh J |   09 Nov. 2018

With new breweries opening almost weekly, Minnesota is a hot bed for craft beer. Pay attention to the ‘beginnings’ story of almost any great brewery, and it all begins with the passion of a homebrewer to bring their craft out of their garage or basement, and start something that they can share with the masses.

That drive, to share a passion. To put that passion toward a greater good. That is why we started Good Company Brewing, and we are thrilled to be able to help other amazing brewers do the same.

This year we tried something new. We saw how much MN loves craft beer sampler events like the Beer Dabbler, or the MN Craft Beer Festival. We wanted to take that same idea/concept and open a new experience to MN craft beer lovers. An opportunity to try new, small-batch brews not available on tap, or on shelf, anywhere. A way to pair the passion of homebrewers, the love of craft beer, and the desire to help the greater good. Enter Brew for Good.

In June we brought together 20 homebrewers and hundreds of craft beer lovers for our first annual event. Guests got to sample 30+ one of kind beers. Beers like the Majestic Twelve (an IPA with 12 different kinds of hops), a Barrel Aged Mole Imperial Stout, a Pina Colada Berliner Weisse, a Kolsch, a Golden Ale, a cider and so many more. The event was head lined by the ever talented band the Grateful Red, and we were more than thrilled to be joined by various food trucks including the Freedom Truck by the Stories Foundation (all proceeds from their food go to fight human trafficking in MN). We had a down right amazing time, and proud to have also raised $4,500 for our local nonprofit partner Think Small.

On June 15th, 2019 we are at it again. We’ve got the ambition and support to make this event even more successful! Thanks to our new host, Sociable Cider Werks, this will be an event to remember. So whether you are a craft beer lover, homebrewer, interested sponsor or volunteer or just want to join us for a unique way to raise funds for a good cause, head on over to the Brew for Good site ( to learn more.