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Passion + Purpose

by Josh J |   02 Dec. 2016

Passion + Purpose

When I started this adventure, I didn't really know where it was going.

What I did know is that:

  • I wanted to do a lot more with my brewing passion, but knew that a physical brewery was not possible at this stage of my life.
  • I feel life is enriched by those whom we choose to surround ourselves. Some of my favorite memories have been sitting around a table with friends/family, surrounded by the feeling of love and laughter, reliving memories, sharing food & drink.
  • I love sharing my beer! (even more than brewing and enjoying it by myself)

Recently, a dear friend and co-worker asked if I'd be willing to donate some of my beer for a fundraiser she was coordinating. Boom! The flood gate of ideas opened.

The Good Company Brewing mission is still evolving, but currently aimed to: share my passion and enrich lives by fostering moments of connection and goodwill within communities.

My near-term goal is to raise $2,000 for good causes by the end of 2017.

Look for more planned activities, in the meantime contact me if you know of any opportunities that would benefit from a donation of beer.

Update: We were able to raise $80 for my co-workers fundraiser in support of a responsible senior class party.

*Also, check out a sneak peak of new logo design in the image above. Shout out to Christina LeClair.