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My Wife is Awesome

by Josh J |   26 Oct. 2016

Good Company Brewing, est. 2016

I love my wife. There are many reasons, but for the purposes of keeping this relatively short and sweet I will narrow it down to her support of my homebrewing.

My wife is a stay-at-home mom, which means she really looks forward to the weekend days when I am at home. I know she doesn’t 100% look forward to those days where I take 6 hours to brew my beer. Granted, as I’ve grown more accustom to brewing over the years, I don’t spend as much time out in the garage babysitting the process. None-the-less, my wife supports my passion and the time that I use to brew (especially if my parents come over to help with the kids).

Let's not forget about the mess. My wife is gracious to let me brew once a month, which means there is a perpetual mess of my equipment, fermenters, etc cluttering our laundry room. I know she could be on my case a lot more about cleaning and organizing that space, and I promise I will.

They say there are generally 5 languages of love. One of my wife's signature language is gifts. She flat out rocks at picking out good gifts. The above sign is the newest addition to our bar at home, courtesy of my wife as a gift for our 5 year anniversary. I'd say she nailed it.

Thank you Sweetie. I love our family, our little slice of heaven, and most importantly I love you. Thanks for supporting my brewing passions :)