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A New Beginning

by Josh J |   12 Aug. 2016

A New Beginning

Hi, my name is Josh and I'm addicted to brewing. It all started with my first brew day in 2012, and I've been hooked ever since. While I'm definitely a more "left brained" individual, I've always enjoyed activities that engage both the analytical (left) and creative (right) parts of my brain. Enter brewing.

Brewing is definitely a science. Nailing down process, managing mineral composition of water, PH levels, temperature control, equipment engineering, and oh so much more.

Brewing is also an art. Like cooking, developing the perfect recipe is a sensory experience that sometimes requires a pinch of this and a dash of that.

My passion for brewing has compounded after each batch and I, like many home brewers, have built a dream of opening a brewery. This dream has never been grandiose. I have a family that I support and don't want to be in the business of staking livelihood. So through countless boring meetings at my 'real job' my brain worked up a scheme involving a small side nano-brewery that would allow me to flex my creativity while keeping income expectations minimal.

I got about 1/3 of the way through a business plan when my wife and I sat down to discuss the prospect. It was a hard decision, but we agreed that, at least for a while, the brewery dream has to be on hold as we dedicate time to our family. See, my wife has firsthand experience; her father owned a small brewery in the 90's. Even small breweries take a lot of time to manage. That is why her father’s was eventually sold off; he and his partners were spending too much time on the business and felt that time would be better spent with family.

Even though it was the right decision for my family, the discussion with my wife left me heartbroken, I am still heartbroken. Though I’ve decided not to open a brewery, I do want to do something more in the meantime. So here we are. To be honest I'm not yet sure what this is. A blog? A catalogue of my brews? I'm not even certain anyone will want to read this (especially since I'm not posting recipes...)

What I do know is I love every aspect of brewing: the formation of the recipe, going to the brew supply store and tasting grain to imagine the final output, computing water additions to develop the best profile, prepping for brew day, brew day (especially when friends and family partake), watching the almost magical churn in the primary as the yeast breaks down sugar, that first taste (although warm and flat) as I transfer to the secondary fermenter or keg, pouring a nice tall pint and delving into the sight, smell, mouthfeel and taste of my work, and so on.

Above all, I love sharing my beer with family and friends. Cheers to good company!