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Starting Small

by Josh J |   28 May. 2017

Starting Small

A friend and I recently met up for lunch and we were talking about what's going on in our lives. It was fun to catch up on work, family, summer plans, etc. We got on the subject of other interests that we had, and the conversation led me to a state of deja vu. It seems everyone has some passion, some goal, some idea and we love to dream about what it would be like to play those things out in our lives. Then, if you're like me, we bring ourselves back to reality by throwing blockers and telling ourselves, 'maybe someday.'

I've had this theory lately about setting goals and achieving them. My issue is that I never start small. Let's take fitness for an example. Every time I've mustered up the energy to get back on the fitness train I jump in the deep end. I tell myself I'm going to wake up early multiple times a week to run, or go to the gym at least 3 days a week during lunch. Dieting is another example: salads everyday, or I'm cutting out 'X' completely. You know what happens? I don't hit that goal one week, I get disappointed and quit altogether.

Good Company Brewing is my first step towards a whole new way of goal setting. I've got these huge ambitions and dreams about what this could turn into, but I need to remember my own words "not all movements need to, or can be grand or ambitious." We've raised ~$200 for local non-profits by simply doing what we love: homebrewing and sharing with friends and family. There are more great things in the works (I'll save that for another post), but it starts with one gesture, one smile, one embrace, one beer at a time.

In the spirit of starting small, I set off on another small adventure: barrel aging and souring a beer. I've wanted to try souring, but never wanted to risk a whole 5 gallon batch. So I recently purchased a small ~1 gallon barrel, and pulled aside a bit of saison I was fermenting to experiment with. I'll keep in touch on the beer (it will need to age for about a year so be patient).

Speaking of patience, is there something that you want to accomplish? Let's try a new approach together. Start small. Allow yourself the grace to fail, adjust and continue on. As success comes, then ratchet up the ambition. Let me know if you'd like to chat about your goal. We can hold each other accountable!