About Us

Where it all began

For most homebrewers their passion is a lot more than a hobby, but rather, a way of life. Some of us just love making a batch here and there, while others are all-in perfecting recipes in anticipation of opening a brewery. Not everyone’s journey is the same, and that’s the beauty of homebrewing!

Our story began back in 2012 with one homebrewer testing the waters, and becoming instantly hooked. As his passion for homebrewing increased, this brewer recognized that taking the leap into professional brewing was not the right path (at least for now). So, in 2016 Good Company Brewing was established as a means to ‘do more’ with brewing while balancing the joy of family, friends, and everyday life.

What we do

Are you a homebrewer? Do you love sharing your beers with friends/family/etc. Us too! We often find ourselves more excited to share our beer than brewing. Our friends/family constantly ask what they can do in return for the free beer they get. So, we set-up a platform where when they get a free beer, they can pay-it-forward by donating to a non-profit (bonus, since they are donating to a non-profit, they get a tax deduction... all for drinking beer).

So far, our homebrewers have raised:


toward our 2018 annual goal of $7,500

Share a Beer

You are most likely already sharing your beer with friends and family. Why not encourage them to pay-it-forward and donate to some good causes.


Events such as BBQs, garage bands, bottle shares, etc are a great way to get a group of people together, have an awesome time, drink some fantastic brew, and raise funds for some good causes.

Are You Interested?

Our platform makes it easy to put your homebrewing passion toward making the world a better place, one beer at a time. We'd love to show you how!

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