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Become a Good Company Homebrewer and help us change the world, one beer at a time.

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Do you love homebrewing as much as we do? Share your passion with others and help make the world a better place.

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Our resources pair your passion for homebrewing, with simple solutions to benefit charities. Share your craft with friends and family while encouraging them to pay-it-forward.

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We've only just begun! We are looking for passionate and innovative members to help develop the next generation of charitable ventures.

Some Additional Information

A Homebrewer is a level of membership within Good Company Brewing. We are looking for passionate people who want to share their love of craft beer, and help to make the world a better place.
We support our members with ideas, tools, and resources to create micro-moments of charitable giving. We believe that these micro-moments will snowball to enable massive good in this world. Here are some examples:

Pay-it-Forward - A common love of homebrewers is sharing our beer. Our platform provides an easy way for your friends and family to pay-it-forward by donating a small about to a charity when you share your homebrew. We'll send you some free beer tags, which will direct your friends & family to this site.

Events - Some of our favorite memories have been with friends/family, around a table/campfire/BB-Q, surrounded by the feeling of love and laughter, reliving memories, sharing food & drink. Use these momemnts as a way to raise funds for charities. We'll teach you how!

Nope, becoming a member doesn't cost you anything.

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