About Good Company Brewing

We are a band of homebrewers dedicated to putting our passion toward a greater good. We’ve started this 501(c)(3) nonprofit to apply new and innovative ways to raise funds for other good causes. While we come from different backgrounds, belong to different homebrew clubs, brew different styles of beer, we are all aligned to one thing: we believe we can help make this world a better place, one beer at a time.

Want to learn more?

First, tell us a little about you


Do you love sharing your beers? Us too! Our friends/family constantly ask what they can do in return for the free beer they get. So, we set-up a platform where when they get a free beer, they can pay-it-forward by donating to a non-profit (bonus, since they are donating to a non-profit, they get a tax deduction... all for drinking beer). Pretty sweet huh? Here's a little sketch about how it works

Step 1

Add you beer to the site
Include some details about your beer
Select nonprofits to support

Step 2

Copy shortlink from beer profile to tag
Add tag to beer

Step 3

Give your beer away
Explain you are raising funds for nonprofits
Tell recipient to follow shortlink and pay-it-forward by donating a couple of bucks

*please consult your state/local homebrewing laws. Here's a good resource to get started.

Fundraising Rewards

We have some awesome partners who are chipping in to reward your participation in raising funds for good causes. Check it out!

On the House

Raise $ during the month, get rewards redeemable at these locations the following month.
Raise $25 get a Free Tap
Raise $100 get a Free Growler

Pro Brewer for a Day

For each $1 you raise, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a Pro Brewer for a Day Experience. Participating breweries will invite you in to hang out and learn what it takes to brew at scale.


Did you receive a beer from someone with one of our tags? Sweet! The person who gave you the beer is using their passion for brewing to raise funds for good causes. Please consider paying-it-forward by donating to one of the nonprofits they selected. Here's a little sketch about how it works

Step 1

A homebrewer gives you a beer with one of our tags on it

Step 2

Find the link on the tag (gcobeer.com/something)
Type that address into your browser

Step 3

Learn about the beer your are drinking
Click Donate Now to Pay-it-Forward by donating to a nonprofit selected by the homebrewer
Since you are donating to a nonprofit, you're gift should be eligible for a tax deduction*

*please consult your tax professional